Belgrade, Serbia(2018)

International Conference on Research in Management & Economics

On the 15th-17th of December 2018, we hosted the inaugural edition of the International Conference on Research in Management and Economics in the vibrant city of Belgrade, Serbia. We are incredibly delighted by the success of the event.

IMECONF brought together members of the academia from all around the world – Iran, Jordan, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Greece, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Burundi, Turkey, etc. We believe that it’s the wide range of experiences and backgrounds that made the discussions so engaging and, at times, heated. The cross-border exchange of ideas was facilitated by our prestigious panel of speakers. Both oral and poster presentations covered in-depth a range of pressing subjects, including the negative consequences of outsourcing, business and cultural differences between origin and destination countries in export performance, managing a sustainable tourism destination, and others.

As is a tradition with our academic conferences, all participants were invited to join a free guided tour of Belgrade – a city with a fascinating history and vibrant atmosphere. We had a chance to indulge ourselves in the Balkan cuisine, admire the city’s architecture, and discover the richness of Serbian culture.

We hope to see you at IMECONF 2024!

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